KidsFfest | 6th Edition | International Film Festival for Kids and Young People | Indonesia | 12-15 June 2014
KidsFfest | 6th Edition | International Film Festival for Kids and Young People | Indonesia | 12-15 June 2014

Kalyana Shira Foundation proudly presents the sixth edition of Indonesia's International Film Festival for Children and Young People (KidsFfest) from 12 until 15 June 2014 in Jakarta.

The festival venue is the Atrium of Senayan City Mall where KidsFfest has its own Black Box theatre and booths. The program includes more than 25 films from all over the world. All film screenings are free for street kids groups. The entrance for general audiences is a donation amount of 10.000 rupiah per person.

Our Mission:
1. To provide access for children to good quality films from around the world which hopefully will inspire healthy discussions about cultural diversity;
2. To give children the opportunity to participate in the festival;
3. To use film as a medium to improve children's education.

KidsFfest Program

KidsFfest's main festival takes place in Jakarta. KidsFfest 2014 main program presents more than 25 short and feature films. All foreign films are shown with English and Indonesian subtitles. KidsFfest's sixth edition consists of 4 festival days: Thursday 12th June, Friday 13th June, Saturday 14th June and Sunday 15th June 2014.


1. KidsFfest gives opportunity to Indonesian children to watch good quality films, suitable for their age. The film program is divided in several age groups varying from 4-12 years.
2. KidsFfest is bringing a great variety of international children's films to Indonesia offering Indonesian children and their families the unique opportunity to watch films that are usually not shown in local theatres nor on TV, and are also not available in video stores.
3. KidsFfest is a festival for all children living in Indonesia from all backgrounds and religions. The program is free for street children.

KidsFfest 2014 Team

Festival Director: Nia Dinata
Finance Director: Constantin Papadimitriou
Publicist: Fadil Timorindo
Festival Programmer, Project KID DOK: Petra van Dongen
Sponsoring, Administration co-ordinator: Sandy Monteiro
Location Manager: Wahyu Ismanto
Print Traffic, local Programming: Vithatya Moniqa
Accounting: Agus Sunaryo, An'amta Fahru Romadona
Translators: Andrea Lucman, Ani Ema Susanti, Vithatya Moniqa